Our team of running connoisseurs has curated a selection of essential gear that will awaken the motivation of all hibernated runners out there. Pair it with a cup of your favorite brew and hit those frozen trails.

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This little runner's wallet is more versatile, functional and protective than it might look. Wear it in 5 different ways! On your arm, on a waist belt vertically or horizontally placed, on your hand with a slip in function, or cross body. It’s also easily attached to the hip belts of our backpacks. Reflective, water repellant and RFID protective materials, and designed to fit more than just a phone. Perfect for shorter runs or a day-trip bringing only the essentials.

A muted black backpack with black straps. The backpack has a sleek and modern design, perfect for carrying all your essentials on the go.
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Roll up, roll down, zip, unzip. Let it rain, let it pour. It really doesn’t make a difference with the Everyday Rolltop. No matter the circumstance, this backpack will adjust to you. It is a hybrid solution filling the gap between top-of-the-line runners gear and the everyday backpack.

Going for a run? Need to carry extra gear? No worries! Add a Waist pocket belt to decrease weight from your back and get easy-access pockets.

Hållare till Vattenflaska
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With the detachable waist pocket belt, you can turn your "Everyday Rolltop" or "Pannier Rolltop" into a great running backpack in no time. Besides distributing the weight more ergonomically it also provides you with quick access pockets for mobile phones, keys, snack bars, etc. When not attached to the backpack it can be used separately as a "running belt" or as a "cross body".

Packningsäck: 3-pack
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Whether you go to the gym or travel, the IAMRUNBOX packing organizers set will keep your wet towel, sweaty clothes, toiletries or any other essentials organised and protected. The small and large packing organizers are water resistant and made of high quality fabric, the mesh bag allows for air-flow. As all our products, the organizers are vegan and cruelty-free!

Klädväska - Stor
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The ultimate packing tool for active commuters and travelers. Forget about wrinkled shirts and creased garments. This shockproof and water resistant box is designed to fit and protect clothes in the best possible way and the included Clothes Folder card ensures perfect folding.

Garment Bag Small Measurements - 265 x 360 x 60 mm

RunMask - Munskydd
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A protective face mask made from breathable, moisture-wicking fabric that is washable, reusable, and fits PM 2.5 filter inserts for extra protection. It comes in two sizes that can be adjusted perfectly to your face shape. Designed for runners and travelers that need the little extra. It ensures an ergonomic and comfortable experience while exercising and moving around in everyday life.